Enrichment Opportunities

Play for learning – The power of play

As the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia states: “Play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. Play can expand children’s thinking and enhance their desire to know and to learn.”

Physical – Move and groove

Climb, run, jump, hop, dance! Physical activity is a vital part of children’s health and development and here at Smileys we provide a variety of opportunities that challenge and stimulate physical activity. Every Wednesday afternoon we have Rob from Junior Goals come to the service to take a group of children for a soccer lesson and Thursday and Friday mornings we hold Happy Feet Fitness classes.

Social Emotional – Me, my world, my culture

It is important for all children to develop a strong sense of identity and to feel a sense of belonging in their environment; the development of positive social skills and the ability to form relationships with others plays a huge part in shaping who children are and who they can become. The indoor and outdoor environments at Smileys include spaces and resources for children to interact, role play, work together and express themselves in a multitude of ways through play and exploration.

Cognitive – Little Einsteins

Early childhood is not only a time of physical growth; it is also a time of remarkable mental development. Thinking, problem solving, memory and understanding will continually develop throughout childhood, helping your child to make sense of their world and what is happening around them. From puzzles and games to science and maths, there will always be something available to challenge your child’s thinking.

Creative – The art of creation

Creative play allows children to express their ideas and interests in many different ways. Whether it be painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, construction or music and dance, creative expression is a way for children to explore, imagine and discover; a valuable part of children’s development. Smileys is a place for your child to let their imagination run free; play, create, build, sing and discover!

Language – Talk, listen, learn

The ability to communicate with others is central to a child’s wellbeing. The feeling of being understood and being heard allows them to feel connected to others, confident in their identity and be motivated to learn. Language – whether it is gestures, sounds, written or spoken – is a vital tool for children to get their needs met, investigate ideas and concepts and exchange their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Through books, posters, show and tell, conversations and countless other ways, the educators at Smileys foster and promote the development of children’s language skills on a daily basis.