Natural Beginnings

Composting and Worm Farming:

The wiggly worms living in our worm farm and compost bin are a favourite for the children at Smileys. The children just love feeding, watering and caring for these critters and at the same time are able to learn valuable lessons in contributing to a sustainable future.

Pots, Plants and Produce:

Our outdoor spaces are filled with several gardens of all shapes sizes and varieties which the children help to plant, nurture and harvest. Watching the plants in the gardens grow and exploring the animals they attract provides endless opportunities for the children to become capable and successful learners.

Environments for Learning:

We recognise the importance of providing an environment for children to belong to that fosters growth and development. From swaying trees and grass to sandpits and swings; our natural environments and playscapes provide spontaneous, stimulating and challenging experiences that allow each child to develop at their own level through play and exploration.